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We come to this earth, born into a family. Many of us end up in a family that doesn’t seem to fit. I know many people these days that just feel like the “black sheep” of their family.

I believe this is due to the shift happening on the planet and in the entire universe energetically. A lot of humans are being born these days who don’t seem to “fit”. They feel like a square peg shoving themselves into a round hole and it’s very uncomfortable.

I discovered a few years ago why I have always felt this way, and as time goes by it becomes clearer and clearer.

After seeing the numbers 829 repetitively for a long period, I was told by a friend that this was my “Angel Number”. There was a message for me. So I started surfing the internet for info. I found out that the repeat of a number, which could be ANY number, is a way for our Guides and/or Angels to get messages to us. For example, if you continuously see sequential numbers it means you are in alignment with your path. There are more specific messages along with that depending on the number. Such as 4:44 is a message from your angels. 666 [is not evil] but a message that you are going in the right direction. 11:11 is a clear sign you are in alignment with your purpose. 12:34, 1:23 or 2:34 can mean you are ascending, or growing.

For me, seeing 829 (which in numerology narrows down to a 10/1) at least twice daily on the clock, and also in other places, was giving me the message that I was a Light Worker. After looking up this number and finding a clear explanation that I was an Indigo Child and a Light Worker . Even during the period I was actively a member of the Latter Day Saint church, I was told I was a ‘Seed planter’, (during what they call a ‘Patriarchal Blessing’) meaning I open up the way for people to want to learn more (general description).

Getting back to the main subject, Framily, as an ‘outsider’ I have recently found myself attracting new people. I had been told through Tarot readings that I would be finding my tribe. It sounded crazy to me, and made me feel more alone than ever. Though I had friends, and family of course, I felt alone. I felt ‘weird’. I had never felt, in my entire life, that I was loved and accepted for who I am. And from what I hear from others, many of us in my age range were raised in a similar fashion. We were raised to act certain way, behave a certain way and if you didn’t fit the mold, then you were ‘weird’, not accepted or even shunned by your family. We spent our lives worrying about disappointing our parents/family, worrying that we would shame our family name or bring unwanted attention to the family. As the song goes “It doesn’t matter how you feel it only matters how you look” .

And for the record, our parents did the best they could, as we all have as parents. They taught us what they were taught, and what had been taught in their family for several generations prior to that. We all do the best we can as humans. We only know what we know, right? Check out my Muse on Unintentional Trauma.

So through this process of learning who I truly am and why I’m here (Recommended reading: Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth by Delores Cannon and Power of the Magdalene by Stuart Wilson and Joanna Prentis) I have shifted my energy and become a magnet. And as we shift our energy we attract like. Like attracts like, it’s a law of nature. Example, negative attracts negative-positive attracts positive-Love attracts Love. So as we grow and shift our energy and raise our vibration we will attract those who are part of our Soul Tribe. As I have found becoming more public, doing in person vendor shows and zoom meetings with people all over the world, I have begun attracting my Tribe. And I believe it will continue to grow as time goes on.

Along with this, the shift in Divine Femininity has shifted relationships between Women. We are learning the innate power we have as women, a power that has been taken away from us for thousands of years of suppression. A result of wounded Masculine energy brought on by fear and unhealthy power and control. (And to clarify, this doesn’t necessarily designate biological sex. We all have masculine and feminine sides, wounded and Divine (check out Sherry Nelson’s chapter Divine Feminine Awakening collaboration by Diane Novack) As women we are realizing our power and Divinity, and as like attracts like, we are sending out that magnetic energy and calling in our Soul Tribes! As in the past, we are learning that community is important. We have been divided and told community isn’t good. We have been taught that we need to live in Little Pink Houses and pretend to have a perfect life. But is this in the best interest of Humans? I believe we were designed to live in communities and Tribes. We have been told it’s easier to go to the grocery store and pharmacy than grow our own food and medicine. Food has been modified to last longer on the shelf, but due to this preservation and genetically modified food, (GMO) the rate of DIS-Ease has sky rocketed in our country! Which creates the environment of ‘needing’ to go to the doctor. I could go on about this but it’s probably worthy of another article, so I will digress.

As we come together as women and the Divine Feminine Energy rises on this planet, we are coming together as Light Beings to raise the vibration and heal Mother Earth Gaia.

As a result of this we are creating Framilies! Friends who become the family we have searched for our entire lives! I am so grateful for my Soul Family, my Framinly and truly for my family, who taught me who I am today.


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