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 Shop Healing Jewelry

This is not just beautiful jewelry to wear, but rather an opportunity for a healing crystal to be worn against the skin to allow the energy of the stone to work together with your body and your mind to create a healing energy. 

Intention is a powerful tool. If you don’t set intentions, and you don’t believe the stones work, they won’t.

This is a key component for healing.

There are thousands of stones, with unending healing properties, physical and metaphysical. 

Crystals worn with intention and proper mindset, can and will assist in any issues you may have.

Crystals are formed within the Earth's crust. Each is unique and rare.

Created under pressure they are formed in infinite beautiful colors, shapes and patterns, each one intended to find its proper home. Like everything else on earth, crystals carry a very real energy.

Science has measured and proven there is energy being emitted from crystals. 

At Mending Hearts our designs are very simplistic, assuring that the stone touches the body.

Allowing for maximum healing possibility. 

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