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Tami Jean "TJ"

Having spent the majority of my life in a (mostly verbally) abusive relationship at 35, it was time to get out.  I was completely depleted and needed to pull my head out of my ass.  I had left many times before.  A few days here, 2 weeks there, 6 months once.  The camels back was finally broken.  He hurt our son, MY son.  So I called the police and grabbed a few things, not forgetting all the Christmas cookies I spent the day baking with family, and off we went.  Three boys, 10, 12 & 15 (at the time) to stay with my father.  It didn’t take long for him to turn the boys against me though. He is a manipulator after all.  So there I was, alone and a mess. Not having the strength to fight for them.


I married for the second time 2 years later, without having gotten the help I needed.  So after 5 years of a second marriage I went for therapy.  I had been married to an undiagnosed sociopath (the first time).  People had told me I had PTSD.  Which of course was crazy….. Right?  Until a doctor told me the same thing.  So now I was married to a “fixer”.  And when he couldn’t “fix” me, he fell apart.  And here I was again.   Dealing with a different kind of abuse.  The guilt trips.  The pity party.  My tolerance for any of it was null and void.  


Six years ago Tarot was introduced to me by a client.  And so began my journey.  Crystals, Reiki, Tarot, meditation, inspirational speakers, coaches, mentors, tarot lessons, reiki lessons seminars, online courses etc.  I have spent the last 6 years soaking all I could into my heart and soul.  I wanted to learn it all!  I was on anxiety/depression medication, I had seen a therapist for 5 years, which were both helpful in their time frame.  After all this is a journey.  I wanted to help myself, and I had found my calling! Through all of this I have gained many tools. Tools that I have used to help myself, and many friends and clients along the way.  I have learned that I am “The Wounded Healer”. Through all of my trials and tribulations, I have learned that I am meant to share my story and help others like me.  What I have gone through will not be in vain.  


With these tools I have come to a point in my journey of finding, not only love for myself, but the true love of a friend and partner in life.  Someone who actually believes in me and supports all of my crazy woo-woo ideas. He loves me unconditionally.  Really…. He is my King and I am his Queen.  I learned that this is possible, and my mission is to share what I have learned and help others to do the same.  Not necessarily find “love” but to find the love of themselves. To find a way to heal and open their heart to allow love into their space and truly receive it from self and others.  

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