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My Brother Yeshua

This year has brought me a lot of shifts. My perspective on this world we live in has changed dramatically from how our country was founded, the Christian holidays, where we truly came from as a human species and beyond.

My interest lies deeply in finding the truth. I don’t believe what we are taught in school and church are always factual. I believe our lessons been altered to fit some narrative to keep us in the dark about the actual truth and to create a culture of blind sheep.

I used to love Christmas. And don’t get me wrong, I love all of the lights, giving and receiving gifts, and spending priceless time with family.

Recently I’ve discovered several authors who use a technique called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique or QHHT. Developed by Delores Cannon and used by Stewart Wilson and Joanna Prentis in their work together.

Through their sessions, while helping people to discover past lives they discovered a pattern which I find very fascinating. It started with Delores Cannons book ‘Jesus and the Essenes’ and escalated from there. Who is the real Jesus? (Actually called Yeshua in his lifetime, and from what I understand, he was never referred to as Jesus. Jesus is the American version of the name Yeshua or Yeshu).

Through QHHT while helping people to delve into past lives, these authors (listed above) started finding a pattern. Many people were showing up claiming to have lived with Yeshua during his lifetime. I’ll leave it up to you to read (or listen to) these books if you want to learn more details for yourself, and I will mainly be paraphrasing. First (for me) was Sadi, one of Yeshua’s teachers from the Essene community. After much hesitation, he finally allowed information to come through the channel, a young woman who had little, if any, knowledge about the history and geography of where Yeshua lived. He referred to Yeshua as Ben Joseph, or son of Joseph as young men were referred to at that time. He shared of his life and many details during his time as a teacher of Yeshua and John the Baptist.

The books ‘They Walked with Jesus’ by Delores Cannon and ‘The Essenes, Children of the Light’ by Stewart Wilson and Joanna Prentis bring forward several people who were close to Yeshua and helped during his upbringing and ministry. A few of the apostles and several people that had direct contact or experiences being close to this incredible Light being called Yeshua.

In the book ‘Power of the Magdalene’ by Stewart Wilson/Joanna Prentis, a higher soul being came through to give many details about Light conception (or immaculate conception) and how it works. Also bringing forth that Yeshua was not the only Light conceived being during that time period. John the Baptist was also light conceived, as well as several of the apostles.

In the book ‘Anna, Grandmother of Jesus’, Anna is channeled through the author, Clair Heartsong. Told through the loving eyes of a grandmother, we learn of her very long life and history, her large family, Mary, actually called Maryanna, who was Anna’s twelfth child, and Marys story. Mary was also Light conceived. We learn of Yeshua’s upbringing and what a very special child he was, and how he came to learn all of the skills of the Egyptian Mystery Schools. His father Joseph was also trained in the Mystery schools, as well as Mary, Mary Magdalen and many others. We learn of Joseph of Arimathea, Marys older brother and the father of Mary Magdalen. Also in this book, Anna clarifies when Yeshua was born, sometime in April, which leaves me to wonder where December twenty fifth comes into play.

Another fascinating book, that got me started on this journey, is

'Magdalen Manuscript', where Mary M channels through author Tom Kenyon and is transcribed by Judi Sion. We find seventy-six pages of the story of Mary M and the love story between she and Yeshua.

Reading all of these books, and having always had a ‘knowing’ of Yeshua and Mary M confirms to me that my intuition is correct. The story of Jesus has been twisted to control and instill fear into the masses. I won’t attempt to get into all of the details of this, but I encourage you to do your own research so you too may find the truth about who Jesus really was and is, now an Ascended Light Being, a teacher to us all and our brother. He did not want to be a king, he came here to teach us “The Way” as he called it, that we can follow in his footsteps. We can all achieve the things he showed us through Christ Consciousness, opening ourselves to the higher realms of consciousness and having a strong desire to know the truth.

So as I celebrate the holidays with my family, I have a knowing of what I believe to be the truth. And I encourage you to do the same. Yeshua is with us all, as we are all God, as was he.

💜💫 TJ

Recommended reading:

By Delores Cannon

‘Jesus and the Essenes’

‘They Walked with Jesus’

By Stewart Wilson and Joanna Prentis

‘The Power of The Madelene’

‘The Essenes, Children of the Light’

By Claire Heartsong

‘Anna, Grandmother of Jesus’

By Tom Kenyan and Judi Sion

‘Magdalen Manuscript, The Alchemies of Horus and Sex Magic of Isis’

By Ismael Perez


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