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Reiki Services

Holy Fire Reiki is a form of energy healing given through meditation to the practitioner directly from Source, Divine or God.

It is the laying on of hands over the energy field,

called Chakras, in our bodies. 

Whether it is for energetic balancing of the Chakras or assistance in physical healing,(medical disclaimer) the energy is directed to areas of the body the practitioner is intuitively guided to. 

After a brief conversation, the practitioner will assist in making the client comfortable on a flat comfortable surface, possibly a massage table.  They will prepare by meditating, laying crystals as called for intuitively, then scanning the body for unbalanced energy.

This is called a Byosen Scan.

After this is performed the practitioner will lay hands over each Chakra, touching when appropriate.


*For more information on Chakras check out my blog (insert link to blog here)(need to write blog) During this process the client may feel the energy from the practitioner or experience bright colors in their third eye.  

Reiki Treatment
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