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Are You a House of Light?

What is a House of Light? 

A House of Light is a Lightworker, or an energy worker (or healer).  Someone who has come to this planet to assist in the ascention or Earth and humanity, at this time. They may also be called an Indigo (born: some in the 1940's and 1970's-early 80's- this is described well in Delores Cannons book linked below), a Crystal (born in the 1990's) or a Rainbow child (born: 2000's-now teenagers). (If you would like to learn more click for an article describing each) Each of these are a label for a semi-specific generation of Lightworkers or Star-Seeds. Beings who have come to this Earth plane from other dimensions or star systems (galaxies) to bring Light to this planet, during their human lifetime, in order to counterbalance the dark and assist in the ascension (raising of the energetic vibration) of humanity into a higher dimensional plane- Christians refer to this as the rapture (and when Jesus/Yeshua will return). My understanding of this is that some will ascend to a higher dimension (5D) and others who have not ‘awakened’ will choose to stay behind in the 3D reality we know now. Some refer to this as being “left-behind”.  Those who choose to raise their vibration will naturally rise to the higher dimension. And these two realities will coexist. (For clarity, neither is "wrong", just different)

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Currently we are seeing a lot of darkness on our planet, but as is said, “the night is always darkest before dawn”! And we must have the dark to appreciate the light! It is important that we find balance and bring our world back to a sense of peace and gratitude. I believe during this ascension period, leading up to the rapture, we are here to assist humanity into the higher spiritual reality. 

The Lightworkers are finding each other and are creating a web of Light over the entire Earth. It is time to find our tribes, and from what I’m experiencing it is happening! During the last couple years, I have come across so many beautiful people that I just knew were my eternal family! 

The Divine Feminine is awakening in many and creating a powerful energy that is turning us into magnets. We will naturally be drawn to cross paths with other similar energetic beings. As the Earth is Feminine, it is important at this time that the Divine Feminine awaken within us to help her regain her status. Swinging back the imbalance from the strong influence of wounded Masculine energy to Divine Feminine. (This has been a very long and damaging patriarchal rule). To learn more about the balance of divine and wounded feminine and masculine, read my chapter from the Divine Feminine Awakening which you can find HERE. Or purchase the book to gain access to all of the beautiful stories HERE! (Which I recommend of course!) 

I am an Indigo child. At one point I was led (through Angel Numbers) to learn what an Indigo is. The description clarified what I’ve been experiencing to a tee! Having always thought I was different, this helped me to see that I am different! I am special! I learned that I have come here during this time, very intentionally, to be a Warrior for the Light! 

Through this awakening I was brought to a group of women who came together to spread the light. This group includes many of the authors of, now four, amazing collaborations of stories!! After reading the first in the series HOUSES OF LIGHT, I was inspired to reach out to the collaborator Diane Novack and share how moved I was by all of these very personal stories of growth. Soon after she contacted me and invited me to collaborate in the next book, ‘DIVINE FEMININE AWAKENING’, and of course I said yes!!! Next came ‘WISE WOMAN-Maiden | Mother | Crone’ and being released VERY soon ‘GOING BEYOND-The Programing of Your Life’. As each topic comes to Diane, through her spirit guides, we are given a main topic and allowed the freedom to share our story as we see fit. (With some guidelines, of course)

I’m excited to announce that we have now begun the FIFTH in the series!! More info to come!! Keep an eye out for it! They just keep getting better! Each is relevant to our growth and expansion! 

Now as the Divine Feminine awakens, and the Light warriors get stronger, we are all here to work together and expand the Light here on our planet! Whether it be one being at a time, or through a book that reaches thousands, each and every one counts! The Light is expanding at exponential rates and will win this war against the dark!

Are you a Lightworker? Here is an article that may help you figure that out: “Am I a Light-Worker?”

For an autographed copy or if you have any questions about being a Lightworker contact me HERE

If you have thought about being an author and this intrigues you, I encourage you to reach out to Diane Novack HERE


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