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Raising Your Vibration

Several years ago I learned how raising the alkaline in our bodies can create an environment where dis-ease cannot survive. I’ve struggled for years to understand this. What to eat, what not to eat, what to avoid and how this all works. I have spent many years imperfectly doing my best to make good choices of what goes in my body, and teaching my children what isn’t good for them to put in their bodies. As adults, they now make their own choices and I hope what I’ve taught them, and continue to share as I learn, will stick.

Now as we face a horrible familial dis-ease rearing it’s ugly head in our family, I recall why I started this journey of holistic healing in the first place. And how more than ever I am on a mission to remove toxins from our home and bodies to create this allusive alkalinity.

Through out my spiritual journey I have been working toward raising my energetic vibration. Recently I had a meditation with my friend Bryan, Be Present Lifestyle, that guided me toward having a conversation with my future self. I was able to sit on the front porch of my beautiful A-frame log cabin with my future self and ask how she got to where she was. Living in the most beautiful, bright green forest in my perfect dream home and exuding peace and harmony. She advised me to work toward raising my energetic vibration by taking care of myself. Self care, including meditation, proper diet and movement. These are the pathway to create a higher vibrational environment including a higher alkalinity level in my body. Finally, a clear message!

So the last few months I’ve been working harder to remove toxins by replacing cleaning products, hygiene products and food with non-toxic, organic options. More recently I’ve been lead to move to a soft food diet to help detox and cleanse my digestive system. Having a healthy colon is a lot more important for your entire body then we have realized. Check out this book: Edgar Cayce-Guide to Colon Care. So this is my current mission. Remember: food is medicine! Eat to live, don’t live to eat.

Along with digestive system care, there are many tools we can use on the exterior.

Starting with what we intake, removing processed foods, going as organic as possible (organic eating is not all or nothing. And if we are detoxifying properly the little bit of toxins won’t hurt a whole lot). Eating fresh, whole foods is best and avoiding heating with a microwave whenever possible.

Removing toxins from our homes is super important as well. Including air fresheners, cleaning products and hygiene items. Our skin is an organ and needs to be cared for properly. Avoiding lotions, sprays and deodorants that contain harsh chemicals will keep the skin healthy and able to detox our bodies more properly. I highly recommend and sell Pure Haven Non-Toxic household and personal care products, as their standard far outweigh even European standards of what’s acceptable.

Another option for cleaning your home toxin free is Norwex. (Sold by my friend Tracy. I believe supporting each others businesses is really important! Above is the link to her business) Although they have non-toxic cleaning supplies, their most important role is creating microfiber cloths made with recycled materials and infused with silver to provide a natural antimicrobial cleaning cloth. From window rags to body mits, these are a great way to clean in a non-toxic manner.

What we intake through our ears can be very important. As an empath, I have found that listening to music with words effects me emotionally. I tend to avoid it these days. I’ll listen to nature sounds or an audio book. What I highly recommend however is listening to healing music, when meditating, napping or sleeping at night. Even while you are doing things around the house can be beneficial. The frequencies are proven to effect our vibration as humans. Typically our normal vibration can be measured at 60-70 MHz. By using any of the tools suggested in this muse, you will be able to raise your vibration. But specific frequencies can bring about different effects. Example, 432 MHz is recommended to overcome trauma, promote self love and ground us to the earth vibrations. 528 MHz is from the higher vibrational realms (think Angels) and can assist us in healing our bodies and energetic field. Listening to these levels will not make your body’s level that high, however it will bring yours up higher. There are many available on YouTube. Here is one of my latest favorites. Self Love and Trauma Recovery Frequency

Another tool would be Essential Oils. These naturally derived plant oils actually vibrate higher than the plant itself. Some examples are:

Rose 320 MHz

Helichrysum 181 MHz

Ravintsara 134 MHz

Lavender 118 MHz

Blue Tansy 105 MHz

Chamomile 105 MHz

Myrrh 105 MHz

Melissa 102 MHz

Juniper 98 MHz

Angelica 85 MHz

Peppermint 78 MHz

For the record, I am an independent consultant for Young Living Essential Oils. I highly recommend their oils to ensure the quality required to achieve the frequencies listed. If you click each oil above it will take you to my Young Living website. I am very particular about what I use personally and would not recommend purchasing if that were not so. Purchase through my links will help me to grow my small business that compliments my Mending Hearts Healing and Crystal Therapy. I also sell Pure Haven mentioned earlier in the article. I believe in supporting small business and shopping local as much as possible. But that will be another Muse! I would never sell anything that I didn't truly believe in!

Then we come to my favorite- Crystals! Just as Essential Oils, Crystals are also scientifically proven to have their own frequencies. Check out this video from 1964 discussing just this. Crystals and Science

Crystals recommended to help raise your energetic vibration and how they can help you:

-Clear Quartz: Master Healer & Amplifier

-Amethyst: Tranquility & Connection to God/Crown Chakra

-Celestite- Releasing of old energy

-Selenite- Cleanser and Increases energy

-Kyanite- Chakra Alignment and Achieving balance

-Lumerian Crystal- Ancient Wisdom and record keeper. (Said to hold information from our ancestors)

Pretty cool stuff if you ask me!!

In summary, caring properly for our vessels, or temples, that house our spirit will create a higher alkaline body and a higher vibrating energy to assist us in living a more harmonious and joyful life. Creating peace and assisting us through the difficult times with less pain, physical and emotionally. Self care is no joke! It is as vital for our body, mind and spirit as food, water and sleep.

💜💫 TJ


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