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Shadow Work

Shadow work is not a simple process or something to be taken lightly. And each of us goes through it differently. This is a fairly new concept for me as I go along my journey.

For me, January was a good time for this. Though it’s not something that can necessarily be done in a month. I utilized this time of rest and hibernation to do a little work in this area. It is a slow time for shows and typically cold and snowy where I live, though this year has felt more like spring than January. But I digress.

Like the trees go through their hibernation cycle, so do we. It is important for us as humans to respect these cycles. We are all so busy doing things and following our linear calendar, that we forget, or may not even know, to follow our natural cycles. These cycles are cyclical, meaning they are continuous, not starting and stopping.

Whether it flows with the seasons around us, or not, we each have our own “ecosystem”. And they don’t necessarily go along with the natural seasons. They are within us.

Along these lines there is winter and summer, as there is light and shadow. One without the other would be out of balance. The Yin & Yang of each of us. We can’t have one without the other.

We all have parts of ourselves that we don’t necessary like, much less love. Shadow work will help us to shed light on these shadow parts, and help us in seeing them as they are and learn to accept and love them.

Finding true unconditional self love is so important in this journey called life, and so many of us struggle to love ourselves. I know I have. Shining a light on these shadows helps to make them not so scary. We naturally avoid shadows out of fear. But if we shift our perspective and see the shadows as lessons, as we shed light on them, this can help tremendously in self acceptance and finding our self worth. Which will bring us closer to learning to love ourselves.

For the month of January, as I did my own work, I shared 30 prompts in my private Facebook group Mending Hearts with Self Love. As you go through them, you can share in the group, intended to be a safe space for support through this work, or you can get yourself a notebook or journal to put your responses. Or feel free to share them privately with me for feedback in Facebook messenger through the group or at All information will be kept confidential.

Go to the Mending Hearts with Self Love group. The shadow work prompts are under Guides.

How to do shadow work otherwise? There are many versions I’m sure. What I imagined for me was to find something that made me uncomfortable. Maybe a situation or person that has hurt me. Something I don’t like to think or talk about. Sit with it and allow the feelings from it to surface. Having a journal for this is a good idea, to help you see what you have worked through. Remember, this isn’t about the dark or the pain, it’s about shining light on it to make it less scary and painful. It’s about bringing it forward to deal with it and let it go. Concurrently, doing a Cord Cutting Ceremony or a Full Moon Release Celebration can be a helpful step in releasing what no longer serves your highest good.

Part of growth and ascending is facing the shadows, shining light on them and releasing the past. You are not alone.


Disclaimer: I’m not a therapist, nor do I play one on TV. I’m just someone going through some #humanshit and want to share and help others along the way 🫶🏻


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