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Grounding, Cleansing & Protecting

As a Light-worker I recently found out how important #grounding & #protection are for me. And now I would like to share with you.

There are a lot more humans being awakened these days. A lot of people realizing their true nature and gifts. Many of us have been aware for a long time that we are #empathic. And especially over the last several months, we are realizing there’s more to this being human thing than we were told. I could go super deep here, but I’ll save that for later.

We grew up being told we had a soul. That we are a body that has a soul. What I have learned in recent years is that it is quite the opposite. We are actually #eternalbeings with a human body. We have come to this planet to learn lessons. We came here knowing that this is the hardest life we may live, and we just jumped right into this skin! Ready to learn! Well… most of us. I’ve heard Earth referred to as the “planet of amnesia”. This makes the journey even more difficult, not remembering our true nature.

Life can be difficult. And what I have learned is that if life was easy, then we wouldn’t be growing and evolving. Do you keep waiting for things to get easier? But it just seems to keep getting worse? I was too. “Why is this life so hard??” Because we aren’t here for a vacation, we are here learning and evolving as a species. We are growing and expanding and it isn’t always fun! This life is a journey, not a destination, so we have to learn to enjoy the ride! As I pass by cemeteries lately, I have to wonder how many people died waiting to be happy?

To our main point: I have learned many tools and techniques along my journey that have helped me overcome trauma and open up to my true nature and potential.

Grounding & Protection are just 2 of those tools.

Knowing now that we are Eternal beings in a Human experience changes our perspective a bit. Having the knowledge that we are eternal beings tends to make us want to be more spiritual. More connected to Father/Mother/God, The Divine, Spirit, Allah- whatever you prefer to call it. In this process we can tend to lose our footing here on Earth. A big part of this experience is staying connected to Mother Earth Gaia, as many call her. Finding balance between the two sides of this life is important. Staying connected to the Earth through Grounding techniques, staying connected to God through prayer and also keeping our energy protected so we can stay clear of negative energies is important as well.

Grounding and Protecting our energy is something we should be doing daily. As a Lightworker, I recently learned I should be doing this every few hours. I am busy, as we all are, but I do believe that this is important. So I created my own little prayer that I can repeat at intervals throughout the day. I will share later.

There are many ways to ground and protect, but I will share with you the techniques I have used.

Grounding Technique:

Sit or stand with your bare feet in the grass or dirt (this is not completely necessary, but recommended when weather allows) Our bodies are energy and like any energy, they need grounded. (Rubber bottom shoes don’t allow the current from the earth to enter our bodies.)

Visualize your feet growing roots or your torso growing a trunk into the ground. Imagine the roots of the tree borrowing down deep through all the layers of the Earth. Down, down, down, until they reach the core of the earth. Allow those roots to encircle the core of the earth and make sure they’re good and snug! Bring that core energy up through those roots into your body. Up through your feet, until they reach the top of your head. Imagine you are connected and a part of the earth.

Then imagine a white beam of light going from the top of your head (crown chakra) up through the sky, the clouds, the atmosphere and into space. Connecting with Divine energy and bringing that down with you, similar to the roots, bring it down, down, down into your body, from the top of your head down to your toes. Swirling those energies together to create a perfect balance between Earth and Divine energy.


Now visualize this white light surrounding your entire body, creating a protective bubble, allowing you to see through but not allowing anyone else’s energy to penetrate your energy field. You can visualize this protective bubble anytime you feel it necessary throughout your day.

Cleansing your space:

Smudging can be an excellent way to cleanse the energy in your home or office, or even your energy field.


White Sage (Or any Smudge bundle) (I am currently using Chaparral)

Pala Santo Stick



Abalone Shell



(Purchase Smudge Kit HERE)

Opening windows and doors, you will burn the smudge bundle, creating smoke. Holding the Amethyst, Pala Santo and Smudge bundle in one hand and using the Feather to spread the smoke if you wish. (You can also use your hand) (you will have to keep relighting the bundle) Say a prayer something like this:

“Removing any and all negative and residual energy from this space. “

Then burning the Pala Santo Stick saying:

“Allowing only Love and Light positive energy to enter this space.”

These can be done simultaneously throughout the space. Allowing the negative energy to leave through the open doors and windows, be sure to smudge the entry points of your space. This can be done as often as you feel necessary, once a month on a regular basis at the least.

Another way I protect my home is with Himalayan Sea Salt

I place chunks of the Salt in each corner of my home and the main rooms in the house. (The salt will melt in higher humidity locations so I place them in a small plastic 2” tray) I also have a Himalayan Salt Lamp in the main room of our home. (I plan to get another for the bedroom soon)

About once a month I sprinkle Himalayan Sea Salt on the carpets before vacuuming to remove any negative energy. Setting the intention as you go to cleanse away any negative energy from my home/space.

I have also created a Smudge Spray for our home. Here’s the recipe:

8oz fine mist amber bottle

6oz Distilled Water

5 drops Clairy Sage Essential Oil

5 drops Pala Santo Essential Oil

1/4 tsp Himalayan Sea Salt (Absorbs negative energy)

Small Amethyst crystal

Small Clear Quartz crystal

Small Tigers Eye stone (for protection)

Narrow Pala Santo Stick (a sliver will do)

Small piece of Sage

Mix well before spraying. Salt will dissolve in water.

This is great for when I cannot burn, such as at my vendor EVENTS

A simple way that I have created for myself to easily ground and protect throughout my day is the following prayer:

Grounding & Protection Prayer

I RELEASE any negative or residual energy

I GROUND myself to Mother Earth Gaia

I CONNECT myself to Goddess Sophia Wisdom

I SURROUND myself with protective Father/Mother God Golden light

I ALLOW in only Love and Light Energy into my Matrix

- And so it is

I pray that these techniques serve you well



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