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Elastic, semi-precious stone and crystal beaded bracelet with choice of metal accents. Silver rhinestone shown


One of our mascots here at Mending Hearts is the UNICORN. I was reminded a while back when I was nervous about going on a date, that "you are a mother f@ckin' unicorn!" (thank you Sarena!) I realized at that moment that any man would be lucky to go on a date with me!! She was right! And that goes for each one of us! We are all unique and beautiful JUST the way we are!! We are each a UNICORN in our own right!! This bracelet was designed with that in mind! Each stone, listed below, reminds us how special we are and attracts the energy to assist in our growth. It's not easy to love yourself some days, but it's important!! We don't need to be like others, we need to be a mother f@ckin' UNICORN!!!





Crystals included in this bracelet:


Yellow Jade- Self Confidence

Rose Quart- Self Love

Green Aventurine- Inner Strength

Blue Chalcedony- Optimism

Angelite- Serenity

Orange Jade- Joy & Passion

Unicorn Intention Bracelet

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