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This dainty simple ring is a great way to carry your favorite crystal or the crystal youre working with at this time. 

Hand crafted and made to order

Tarnish resistant, nickel free, coated copper wire.


Images design Example ONLY


Available Crystals:

Amethyst- Tranquility
Aquamarine- Courage
Carnelian- Success
Clear Quartz- Supreme Healer
Citrine- Prosperity
Hematite- Grounding
Howlite- Calms Anxiety
Garnet- Courage/Hope
Green Aventurine- Harmony
Lapis Lazuli- Self Expression
Labradorite- Transformation
Malachite- Clears and activates chakras
Red Jasper- Stamina
Rainbow Obsidian- Negativity Shield
Rose Quartz- Self and Divine Love
Smoky Quartz- Detoxify/ Release Fear
Tourmaline- Repel negativity
Turquoise- Inner Calm
Tigers eye- Protection
White Moonstone- New beginnings

Single Beaded Ring

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Bead Option
  • All products are one of a kind handcrafted pieces made exclusively by Mending Hearts Crystal Therapy. Finished products may vary slightly due to the handcrafted nature of the pieces and variances in the materials. Each piece will be beautiful and uniquely yours!

  • Product is 100% guaranteed for 60 days. Not to be worn in the shower. Keep away from harsh chemicals and colognes.

    Thank you for your purchase! Love & Light, TJ

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