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Elastic, semi-precious stone and crystal beaded bracelet with coordinating metal accents. Gunmetal shown.





Included in Protection bracelet are:


Red Tiger Eye- Survivors Stone

Blue Tiger Eye- Increases Calm

Tigers Eye- Protection & Luck

Tourmaline- Block Negativity

Onyx- Powerful Protection

Hematite- Strong Grounding

Obsidian- Negativity Shield

Protection Intention Bracelet

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • All products are one of a kind handcrafted pieces made exclusively by Sincerity Gems by TJ. Finished products may vary slightly due to the handcrafted nature of the pieces and variances in the materials. Each piece will be beautiful and uniquely yours!  These products are in no way intended to replace medical treatment or advise from an M.D.

  • Care Instructions:

    Product is 100% guaranteed for 60 days. Not to be worn in the shower. Keep away from harsh chemicals and colognes. The stones are charged with full moonlight and white sage and can be recharged monthly or as needed. A tiny clear quartz crystal will be included to keep the stones charged in shipping.

    Thank you for your purchase! Love & Light, TJ

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